Elton John Critiques Modern Music and Reminisces About Classic Hits

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Legendary singer Elton John shared his perspectives on the chart-topping hits of today and discussed his views on cinematic music adaptations during a candid interview. Known for his forthright opinions, John touched on the quality of contemporary music, heaped praise on emerging artists, and reflected critically on recent musical projects, including Disney’s remake of The Lion King.

Elton John on Today’s Chart-Toppers

During the interview, the 73-year-old musician expressed concern about the modern music landscape, particularly songs with multiple writers. He stated that these songs often lacked authenticity and were not real songs. Elton John praised artists like Father John Misty for their songwriting talents and highlighted Conan Gray’s self-penned track “Heather.”

He pointed out that Gray’s rise in the streaming charts is a testament to true musical craftsmanship. On the crowded charts, John remarked that everybody else there had four or five writers on a track. He also remarked that most of the records in the charts were not real songs but bits and pieces. He further lamented that sophisticated songwriters often receive less radio play due to the nature of their art.

Reflections on The Lion King Remake

Apart from his thoughts on modern music, Elton John shared his views on Disney’s live-action remake of The Lion King. He voiced disappointment over its musical direction compared to the original 1994 animated film. John noted that the essence and joy of the music were lost in translation. According to him, the music was a big part of the original, and the current film didn’t have the same impact.

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John felt sidelined during the film’s production process and expressed sadness over not being given an active role in creating its soundtrack. Despite having two albums released for the remake, with one featuring film stars performing classic songs and another curated by Beyoncé, neither achieved the same success as the original soundtrack, which was highly acclaimed and awarded.

Preserving Independent Music Venues

Elton John also addressed the significance of independent music venues amidst the challenges they’ve faced over recent years. Highlighting Los Angeles’ Troubadour, where he played his first U.S. show in 1970, John spoke about the critical role these venues play in nurturing new talent.

He stressed that losing such spaces would be detrimental to emerging artists who rely on them for exposure. According to Elton, if venues like that disappeared it would be a grim reality because they are so important for new artists to have a platform and somewhere to show off their talent and gain exposure.