New Study Reveals Whether Your Face Makes You Look Rich or Poor

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A new study has recently revealed that people can be perceived to be rich or poor solely based on the way their face looks. The study was done by researchers from the University of Glasgow who checked if there are signs people look for to perceive someone as coming from a higher or lower social class. It turns out that people do judge based on appearance, to no one’s surprise!

Rich or Poor Based on the Face

The team studied people from Western cultures and was able to figure out which features were those that people unconsciously associate with someone being rich or poor. The findings were published, and they showed conclusive results. Those who have narrow faces and upturned mouths with closely-spaced eyes and raised brows with a warmer complexion were subconsciously considered richer.

These facial features seem to activate more associations than just ones about wealth. People also link them with competence, warmth, and trustworthiness. On the other hand, people perceived to have less riches had wider, shorter, and flatter faces with cooler complexions and downturned mouths. People with such features were also perceived to be less trustworthy and competent.

Looks Add to Preconceived Biases

The study’s author commented on the finding, saying that those who are perceived to be rich or poor, depending on their face, are often judged as having advantageous or unfavorable traits. These judgments are formed from facial appearance alone and can disadvantage people perceived to be of lower social class. The study shows that there is a correlation between the positive and negative judgments people make and the stereotypes they build for competence and incompetence.

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The findings indicate that the nature of the stereotypes people harbor is influenced by how people perceive others, thus adding bias to perceptions. The impressions people form of other individuals may also result in specific advantages or disadvantages. specific face attributes play a crucial role in linking social class perceptions with stereotypes. These discoveries will contribute to the advancement of fundamental social perception theories and hold potential for interventions to disrupt biased perceptions.