Pet Pro Explains the Adorable Reasons Your Cat Follows You Around

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Cat owners are familiar with all the charming and sometimes puzzling antics of their furry friends, from cozying up in cardboard boxes to playfully unraveling shoelaces. One particularly intriguing behavior that often leaves pet owners scratching their heads is their cat following them everywhere. If you’ve ever wondered why they do this, here are some reasons why.

Cat Companionship Unveiled

Cats have a few reasons for following their owners around, as explained by renowned cat behavior expert Dr. Mikel Maria Delgado. She says attention-seeking, alleviating boredom, and fostering a close bond are some of the key motivations, with hunger also playing a role.

Although it’s normal for your cat to follow you, persistent behavior may raise worries about attachment issues or a need for help. Dr. Delgado reassures owners that constant following doesn’t mean they have separation anxiety. That’s usually characterized by behaviors like meowing, pacing, or difficulty settling down when the cat is alone. If your cat displays these signs in your absence, you should talk to your vet, but following without distress signals is typically not a cause for concern.

Curbing the Enthusiastic Pursuit

For those moments when your cat’s following becomes a bit overwhelming, especially in areas where you’d prefer some privacy, distraction is the key. Dr. Delgado recommends providing alternative activities to keep your cat busy, such as a lick mat or a food puzzle. Engaging in playtime is also important, diverting their energy and attention from constant pursuit.

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On the flip side, if you wish to encourage a more reserved cat to follow you, Dr. Delgado suggests positive reinforcement with treats. Dropping treats as you move around can pique their interest, while a simple training technique involving a target like a wooden spoon handle can gradually cultivate a more outgoing demeanor.

Is There a Deeper Meaning to Being Followed?

Despite some attributing a cat’s tendency to follow to things like gender, Dr. Delgado cautions against overinterpreting it. She points out that within the limited confines of our homes, we often represent the most interesting thing for our feline companions.

Being a pet parent involves understanding your feline friend and appreciating them for what they are. So, if your pet is following you around all the time, see it as an opportunity to connect with your furry family member!