When Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Madagascar?

Shutterstock // Dennis van de Water

Many travelers choose Madagascar for its stunning nature and breathtaking beaches. The culture and the variety of animal and plant species are also worth exploring. There’s always something to do on the island, no matter what the season. Here’s what you can expect to see and the best months to travel.

Madagascar in January Through March

This period is the rainiest time of the year for Madagascar. It’s quite humid, and there’s even a risk of cyclones in February. March is still quite a wet month, so be prepared for all situations.

Due to the weather, many hotels, lodges, and national parks will be closed. We wouldn’t recommend planning your trip during those three months but instead consider traveling in April and December to avoid tourists.

Madagascar in April Through June

Although it still might rain occasionally, these three months are a better alternative. It’s sunny and you have a higher chance to explore the island’s wildlife, like reptiles and lemurs. Plus, most of the national parks will be open.

Image by wirestock on Freepik

In May, you can be a part of the biggest cultural event of the year, the Donia festival. This is when you’ll experience the local culture and enjoy fun festivals full of music, dance, and sport.

Madagascar in July Through September

July is the time of the year most people choose to visit Madagascar, so be ready to book all activities in advance. The island will be crowded as the weather will be more refreshing than humid.

In August, you can see dwarf lemurs and chameleons going into hibernation. September is more peaceful as all the kids go back to school. You’ll also get to experience Madagascar’s bird breeding season.

Madagascar in October Through December

October in Madagascar is dreamy. The weather is warm, there’s little to no rain, and travel lovers will see baby lemurs that look adorable. The weather will be even hotter in November, so you can go snorkeling and see the beautiful tropical fish.

December is actually the hottest month on the island due to being in the southern hemisphere, so it’s the perfect time to escape the cold winter in your city.